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Added note on deprecated MeV hacks

Recent Changes

Feb 4, 2019

Welcome to BASE-hacks

This trac is set up for having a way to communicate changes made to third party packages in order to get them to work with BASE,

One way to find out which changes was made is to compare different revisions of source using the subversion repository browsing capabilities of trac, or read the the package specific wiki pages.

Currently only one package is hosted but in principle different package directories and wiki pages contain more information about the changes made to the packages, licensing information, and where to get the original program code. You can get the original code also by checking out specific revisions of the package repositories.

Question should be directed to the BASE mailing lists,

You can check out the whole subversion repository with

svn checkout basehacks

or a specific package with something like

svn checkout basehacks_mev-4.0.01

Hosted packages

Package Description Version Home site Comment
MeV plug-in for BASE MultiExperiment Viewer (MeV) is a versatile microarray analysis tool 4.0.01 Deprecated see BASE MeV for later versions
AffxFusion Package for reading Affymetrix data files 1.09