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have restructured the code completely that writes the hybs section

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1- naming of plugin and classes?
2- sort out copyright and ownership issues
3- check in Charles' code
4- implement more complex use cases (pooling, dyeswap, no ref sample)
5- status report does not get written in all cases
6- add support for users using their own name bases for samples and perhaps extracts
7- adapt no of rows in table in mappings.jsp so it matches the correct number required
8- error handling, checks and validation
9- throw an error if dye-swap and reference set both to yes
10- if pooling, include a pooling protocol in the pooling section
11- implement failure conditions i.e. unsupported cases
12- improve maintainability: move hidden inputs out of configureimport.jsp and go through submit.jsp instead
13- improve maintainability: move all variables into the data bean and then use reflection to get at them in the importer and the writer classes
14- enable tab2mage autogenerate only mode where file gets written to account (in new folder as before) but then there is no data import or object creation (users then import their data later together with the file they created here)
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