Printers at theoretical physics

Currently there are two printers in room next to the coffee room. One color printer and one black-and-white printer, both are duplex printers. In addition to these two printers you can also send printer-jobs to the copy machine. The printers are available using various printer queues. The queues are:

  • lp2: duplex on the black-and-white printer
  • lp2s: single page printing on lp2
  • lp3: duplex color printer
  • copy: duplex on the copy machine (black and white)
  • copy-st: copy + stapling (upper left corner)
  • copy-col: duplex on the copy machine (color). Note: Color copies are slow on the copy machine!
  • copy-col-st: copy-col + stapling

If you want to use the printers from your laptop you probably need the ip-address. They are:

  • color printer:
  • black and white printer:
  • copy machine:
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