Möte i Jämställdhets- och likabehandlingsgruppen 2015.10.19

Närvarande: Nils Ryde, Christine Overgaard Rasmussen, Johan Bijnens, Leif Lönnblad.

The current Equal opportunity plan was discussed, and the updates needed for next year were discussed. Leif volunteered to make the obvious updates until next meeting. He will also make a doodle to set the date for a new meeting in week 46. Caroline will be asked to update the statistics and to also check how much money has been spent from the equal opportunity budget.

The upcoming seminar on workplace harassments will be billed to the the equal opportunity budget.

Christine presented the "contract" about gender equality and equal opportunity that the Chemistry department will be giving to all new employees. We should have a similar document, although probably not in the form of a contract. A first sketch is given here to be discussed at the next meeting.

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