Guidelines for writing grant budgets for applications

If you apply for a grant you need to do a calculation of the full cost of the project. This should include all overhead, and even if the funding agency does not allow the grant to be used for that purpose. The calculation must be done in the following excel documents:

which should be signed by the Prefekt and handed over to Eva Jurlander together with a physical or electronic copy of your application, for archiving.

Here are some things you should think about:

  • Salaries should include employer taxes and fees, currently 50.04% (or 28.63% for employees born 1938-1951, or 6.15% for employees born 1937 and earlier)
  • The indirect costs are currently 70.73% for Astronomy and 29.58% for Theoretical Physics, and these are automatically added in the excel documents together with the direct costs for premises (16.44% and 5.87% respectively). This gives a total overhead of 87.17% for Astronomy and 35.46% for Theoretical Physics.
  • If the funding agency does not allow to use the grant for overhead (or has a maximum percentage allowed) the line samfinansiering on the first page of the excel document should be adjusted so that the project costs are balanced by the total funding and so that the amount applied for does not exceed the overhead limit set by the funding agency.
  • Even if the funding agency does not put a limit on the overhead (as is the case for VR), it is advisable to anyway limit the total overhead applied for. The department has a policy to take out a total of 35% overhead on VR grants - the difference between the actual overhead (including premises) and this number is covered by samfinansiering (co-financing). VR gives the option to specify costs for premises and indirect costs separately. In that case, for Astronomy use 15.28% in costs for premises and 19.72% for indirect costs in your application; and for Theoretical Physics use 6.53% in costs for premises and 28.47% for indirect costs. This adds up to a total of 35% for overhead (do not calculate indirect costs on the costs for premises). Alternatively, simply specify zero in costs for premises and 35% for indirect costs. In both cases, the remaining overhead (33.82% for Astronomy and 5.71% for Theoretical Physics) can be specified in the "Other costs" section of your budget and should be explained as co-financing from the department in the budget motivation.
  • If you are applying for a VR infrastructure grant or an ERC grant, this should to be reported in advance to forskningssevice and may have to be signed by the vice chancellor.
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