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    1313 * If you are applying for a VR infrastructure grant or an ERC grant, this should to be reported in advance to ''forskningssevice'' and may have to be signed by the vice chancellor.
    15 In order for a purchase to be regarded as a fixed asset, and thus exempt from indirect costs, the purchase must meet the following criteria:
    16 (a) The cost must exceed 20 000 SEK excluding VAT. (b) The economic life must be at least 3 years.
    17 If, for example, you  want to put together several computer purchases as one fixed asset, then it must be paid from one activity (project), otherwise they are treated as separate entities. If there will be additional invoices at a later stage relating to the purchase, then these must be shown on the main invoice. It is not possible to add smaller bills by hand later if this is not arranged from the start. For this process to go as smoothly as possible, each employee should talk to Hampus (astronomy) or Bo (theoretical physics) about
    18 what fixed assets to buy and specify the activities (projects), so that Hampus or Bo can fill in the billing in Lupin already at purchase. If multiple computers should be linked to a fixed asset, this information must be provided to Hampus or Bo already at purchase.