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    11= Old News =
     3== June 2010 ==
     5 * The faculty has announced a [ call for suggestions] (in Swedish) for reseach areas for three tenure-track assistant professors (Biträdande universitetsliktorer). Further details on the procedure for the department to rank suggestions has been sent out by mail to all staff.
     6 * On the 11th of June, there will be a meeting of the science faculty with Per Eriksson, our vice chancellor, to discuss the way money should be distributed for faculty-funded research. The meeting will be at 10:30 in Blå Hallen in the ecology building. All faculty employees are encouraged to come.
     7 * On the 10th of June, Vinnova will organize an informational meeting about the EU 7th framework program (see [ announcement] in Swedish)
     8 * The University has issued a new policy about how to handle suspected cheating in research (see [ the document] in Swedish).
     9 * An inquiry about the organization of the libraries at the faculty has been made by Per Möller. The result can be found [ here] (in Swedish).
     10 * Nils Ryde has been editing a [ monthly newsletter] for Astronomy with information about new visitors, meetings, dissertations, etc. This newsletter will now become department-wide, and everyone on both sides of Sölvegatan is encouraged to send information to `ryde[at]`, who will continue as the editor.
     11 * The physics department has started a physics history group to present the history of the department for students (and others). Anyone who wants to contribute should read [ this message] (in Swedish)
    313== April 2010 ==
    1828 * On the 19th of March, Jostein Kjaerandsen (Biology) will give her ''Docent'' lecture. See [ announcement]
    1929 * On the 23rd of March, Christoffer Johansson (Ecology) will give his ''Docent'' lecture. See [ announcement].
     30 * It is time for all teachers and professors to report any secondary employment (''bisyssla'') to the University. For those of you who have already done this after November 2008 and if there have been no changes since then you only need to send an email stating this to the personnel department (`pers[at]`) and me (`leif.lonnblad[at]`). All others need to fill out a form in [ English] or [ Swedish] and send it to me. See [ instructions in Swedish] or contact me for further details.
    2031 * ''Kungl. Skogs- och Lantbruksakademien'' has announced a number of travel and research grants from ''Stiftelsen SLO-fonden'' [ see announcement at the KSLA home page] (In Swedish only)
    2132 * There are travel grants available from [ the Erasmus program] and [ KAW], both with deadlines on the 15th of March.
    2233 * On the 25th of March, Denis Céolin (Physics) will give his ''Docent'' lecture. See [ announcement]
     34 * The new domain is now ready to be used. [] will get you to the old Theoretical Physics homepage (which will soon be converted into a common homepage). Also, you can use `prefect[at]` to send mail to me.