Rules and information about travel

The university has a number of rules for the employee's travel. Here is a summary of the most important points. More information is available here.

  • If your trip is to be billed (directly or indirectly) to the department, you must book your ticket through the university travel agent Egencia. Even if you can find a cheaper fare somewhere else, that is NOT a valid reason to book somewhere else. If the trip is payed for with "your own" research grant, that is NOT a valid reason to book somewhere else. It is preferable if you book the hotel through Egencia too.
  • You can either pay the conference fee with your card and make an expense/include it in your travel bill or the administration (Lena) can make a money transfer. For making a transfer we need the confirmation of the booking, the bank information and the name and address of the account holder.
  • Note that you can now book your travel online yourself through Egencia and their selfbooking system.
  • When you book a trip through Egencia make sure that they do not include a cancellation guarantee (FLEX) unless you really need it (it is cheaper without it for the department in the long run).
  • In case you are accompanied by a family member on a business trip, you are allowed to book their trip with Egencia: however you have to inform the administration (Lena)so your family member will be invoiced.
  • Do not take a taxi if reasonable public transportation alternatives are available. If you need a taxi, please call the company (Taxi Skåne or Egencia) which LU have an agreement with, if possible!
  • You have to claim your travel expenses using primula-web. Please make sure to do so as soon as possible after the trip.
  • If you receive any payment from your host you should specify this clearly. If the payment was for actual expenses, the corresponding expenses should, of course, not be claimed from the department. If the payment was in the form of a per-diem, this money should be sent to the university bankgiro account clearly stating the kostnadsställe (156100) and the id-number of you travel claim form. Alternatively you can, if possible, reduce the per-diem and expense amounts in your claim correspondingly.
  • When you want to book hotels for scientific visitors coming to Lund you can book it through Egencia, self booking system, email or phone. Lena wants the booking confirmation. An invoice will be sent and registered in Lupin, to the person who books or to Lena. Lena needs to know the activity which will pay for the hotel.
  • Please fill in the form "Taxfree reimbursement for personal costs" (see Bilagor below) for your guests with expenses, and give it to the administration (Lena) together with original receipts and boarding passes for their travel.
  • The guests with personal number or a coordination number need to fill in the form from Nordea (see Bilagor below) if they have foreign bank accounts. Please give the filled in form to the administration (Lena)! For guests with a Swedish bank account they have to inform Nordea of their bank account with their mobile bank-ID. The reason for this is to transfer the money into the guests' bank account instead of getting a bank cheque.

Instructions for filling a travel bill and expense - see here.

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