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Rules and information about travel

The university has a number of rules for the emplyee's travel. Here is a summary of the most important points. More information is available here (in Swedish).

  • If your trip is to be billed (directly or indirectly) to the department, you must book your ticket through the university travel agent VIA Travel. If you can find a cheaper fare somewhere else, that is NOT a valid reason to book somewhere else. If the trip is payed for with "your own" research grant, that is NOT a valid reason to book somewhere else.
  • Note that you can now book your travel online yourself through VIA travel, if it is a simple return trip. The first time you go to the login page you need to register yourself and give a special registration code which you can get from Caroline or Mandana.
  • When you book a trip through VIA travel make sure that they do not include a cancellation guarantee (FLEX) unless you really need it (it is cheaper without it for the department in the long run).
  • Do not take a taxi if reasonable public transportation alternatives are available.
  • You have to claim your travel expenses using a module in primula-web. Please make sure to do so as soon as possible after the trip and to include:
    • A copy of the invoice sent to you by VIA travel
    • A copy of the invitation letter, a copy of the conference program and/or other documentation that the trip was actually work-related.
    • The original receipts for all expenses you want to claim.
    • In addition, some funding agencies require that the original boarding passes are included as proof that the trip actually took place.
    • If you receive any payment from you host you should specify this clearly. If the payment was for actual expenses, the corresponding expenses should, of course, not be claimed from the department. If the payment was in the form of a per-diem, this money should be sent to the university plusgiro account clearly stating the kostnads ställe (156101 for astro, 156171 for TF) and the id-number of you travel claim form. Alternatively you can, if possible, reduce the per-diem and expense amounts in your claim correspondingly.

Note that the university travel insurance only covers university employees. If someone else (eg. someone on a stipend) is traveling, special travel insurance must be acquired. Please contact Eva Jurlander for this.

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