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On this wiki I will include all information which may be of interest for personnel at the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics. Current information will be on this page, but also previous information will be available on the old news page. I will also use this page for information relating to different committees:

Department information

General information about the department

News items

  • The Faculty of science is arranging an introduction meeting for new employees on the 10th of November. See invitation for further information (both invitation and the meeting are sadly only in Swedish).
  • The Faculty of Science offers the employees full health examinations in 2011. This applies to all employees, also PhD students and postdocs. There are still many time slots available, so please take this opportunity to get a check-up. (more information)
  • Regarding the possible move of the faculty office to the astronomy building, no formal decisions has been made yet. We have nevertheless hired an architect who has come up with a suggestion for a new floor plan. This was discussed further at the department and Akademiska Hus has now assigned a project manager to continue the planning. Also, during September, October and November, Sven Huldt will be in charge of clearing out the ground floor and parts of the basement, in preparation for the construction work. A lot of stuff will be thrown away, so it is important that you contact Sven if you know about stuff that must be saved.
  • If you have suggestions for Honorary Doctorates 2012, you should contact the prefekt. For more information consult the invitation from the faculty (in Swedish)
  • On Wednesday the 9th of November at 13:00 in Lundmarksalen there will be an open hearing with Sven Stafström, the secretary of the science and technology section of the Science Council (VR). See invitation (in Swedish).

Current Applications

  • The eSSENCE strategic research program for e-science (see info in Swedish here) is inviting letters of interest for new projects relating to e-science. See announcement.
  • STINT has announced a number of stipends for "Excellence in teaching" for going to a university abroad as a guest teacher during the fall term of 2012. The faculty can nominate at most two candidates and need suggestion before September 19th. Contact me if you are interested. The official announcement is here (in Swedish).
  • The deadline for the next round of applications to KAW (Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse) is in February. But already now the University has specified a plan for how the applications should be handled internally in the University. Details are found here (in Swedish). Note that the letters of intent should be sent to the faculty for ranking before the 20th of October.

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