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On this wiki I will include all information which may be of interest for personnel at the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics. Current information will be on this page, but also previous information will be available on the old news page. I will also use this page for information relating to different committees:

Department information

General information about the department

News items

  • There is a suggestion for a new matrix of responsibilities for the teaching at the department. Please read it and see if you have any comments before the board meeting on Thursday the 17th of November.
  • The Faculty of Science offers the employees full health examinations in 2011. This applies to all employees, also PhD students and postdocs. There are still many time slots available, so please take this opportunity to get a check-up. (more information)
  • Regarding the possible move of the faculty office to the astronomy building, the faculty has agreed to the floor plan favored by our department. Next step is that proper blueprints are to be drawn up, followed by a tendering process. During the rest of this year, Sven Huldt will be in charge of clearing out the ground floor and parts of the basement, in preparation for the construction work. A lot of stuff will be thrown away, so it is important that you contact Sven if you know about stuff that must be saved.

Current Applications

  • Wallenberg Academy Fellows. Information about the call and about the nomination procedure at the faculty is here (in Swedish, note however that the nominations should be written in English). The deadline for sending nominations to the faculty is December 2nd. These nominations should be rated by the department, which is why they should be sent to me at least one week before.
  • The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters calls for nominations for the Kavli Prize 2012.

Information from the Faculty and University

  • The University is working on a strategic plan for collaboration with Arfrican Universities. If you have any collaboration with people from/in Africa, you might want to look into this. More information (in Swedish)
  • The University has come up with a suggestion for a new strategic plan. The university wants comments on this suggestion from the faculties. If you have comments, please send them to me before the 21st of November, and I'll summarize your opinions to the faculty.
  • The University now has a web page with information in English for employees!
  • The University has issued new rules for the cost of meals and gifts and stuff, payed for by the department. Here is the Vice chancellors decision and a summary (both in Swedish).
  • The University has issued a new Equal opportunity and diversity policy (in Swedish).

Other information

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