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On this wiki I will include all information which may be of interest for personnel at the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics. Current information will be on this page, but also previous information will be available on the old news page. I will also use this page for information relating to different committees:

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News items

  • [13.08.21] At least one in every fifteen employees at a department must have First aid/CPR training. If you are interested (and you should be!), please sign up for such a course. See this announcement (in Swedish) for details.
  • [13.06.26] The Universitetskanslersämbetet has now published their evaluation of physics degrees in Sweden (in Swedish). Our master in Astrophysics obtain the mark high quality, while both the Bachelor and Master degree in physics obtained lacking in quality. For the two latter, the lacking quality was found for the evaluation point related to the students abilities to in dialogue with different groups of people, orally and in writing clearly describe and discuss their conclusions and the knowledge and arguments on which these are based.
  • [13.06.03] Sverker Werin at MAX-Lab has suggested a project where groups of four or five researchers (from PhD students to professors) join together and adopt a school class from an underprivileged area (typically Rosengård in Malmö) for a year. The aim of project is described here (in Swedish). Please contact Leif or Sofia if you are interested.

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Remember to regularly also check the faculty web page for curent applications, only applications not available from there will be listed here.

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