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On this wiki I will include all information which may be of interest for personnel at the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics. Current information will be on this page, but also previous information will be available on the old news page. I will also use this page for information relating to different committees:

Department information

General information about the department

News items

  • [15.01.14] VR (together others) has a new application system called Prisma. It is quite time consuming to register yourself (to set up your CV, and publication list, etc.) and it is advisable to do so well before any deadline. Knut Deppert has put together a few slides to show how it is done.
  • [14.08.20] At least one in every fifteen employees at a department must have First aid/CPR training. If you are interested (and you should be!), please sign up for such a course. See announcement (in Swedish) for details.
  • [14.06.03] There is now a new calendar function connected to the physics portal. To make sure seminars and meetings are properly listed there you should use the indico system at the physics department. The system is fairly self-explanatory (log in with Lucat-id, click creat event, ...) and there is a short manual (in Swedish).
  • [14.05.21] The physics and astronomy undergraduate teaching committee (IGU) are discussion whether to change the grading system on courses from U-G-VG to A-F. This will be discussed in a general meeting of the department on the 4th of June (15:15 in Lundmark). Here are some documents discussing the issue (in Swedish): Report from Stockholm University, Report from Högskoleverket, Report from the HT-faculty (LU).

Current Applications

Remember to regularly also check the faculty web page for current applications, only applications not available from there will be listed here.

  • [15.01.23] The faculty is accepting nominations for the Oscar II award for best PhD thesis. Deadline is 24th of March. Nominations should be sent to the prefect a week before the deadline.
  • [14.12.17] Nominate good bachelor/master/PhD students for the Franke stipend. See announcement for details (in Swedish)

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