Recent Changes


Svndigest is a tool for calculating statistics of a project under  Subversion control. Svndigest is written in C++ and extracts repository history using the subversion API. The resulting report is written to a user specifiable directory in HTML format.

Latest Release

svndigest 0.10.2 is  now available. Please see the NEWS file for what is new in this version.


  • Timeline of number of lines
  • Timeline for each author
  • Timeline for each directory/file
  • Differentiation between code and comments
  • Automatic copyright update
  • Caching statistics
  • Blame output
  • Interface to  Trac


  • README -- how to install svndigest
  • Manual -- how to run svndigest and explanation of what is calculated
  • README.developer -- guidelines and other informations for developers


Here are some examples of svndigest generated reports:

Project version svndigest output
 BASE 0.10.x  svndigest output
 BASE hacks 0.10.x  svndigest output
 BASE plug-ins 0.10.x  svndigest output
 Proteios 0.10.x  svndigest output
 svndigest 0.10.x  svndigest output
 svndigest trunk  (trunk) svndigest output
 yat 0.10.x  svndigest output


The forthcoming release schedule is published under the roadmap tab above. Svndigest is open software available for free from the  download page.

For Mac OS X, svndigest is available via  MacPort

Source Code

The latest release is available from the  download page. The source code is stored in a subversion repository available via anonymous SubversionCheckout. Alternatively, you can browse the code through the Trac Browser.


Svndigest is an open source project and available for free under the  GNU General Public License version 3.


Please send feedback and suggestions through the  mailinglist.


Please see AUTHORS file in the repository.


See the THANKS file in the repository for the maintained list of acknowledgements.