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#38 output file index.html clash new peter major svndigest 1.0 output
#382 detection of comments fails when codons are inside quotes new jari major svndigest 0.x+ core
#271 author name 'all' is not allowed new jari minor svndigest 1.0 core
#297 problem with parsing codons and newlines new peter minor svndigest 1.0 configuration
#473 svndigest requires X server new jari minor svndigest 0.x+ build
#526 Recent log includes out of branch revisions new peter minor svndigest 0.x+ output
#464 cache files older than file are not ignored new jari trivial svndigest 0.x+ core
#507 man pages contain H??kkinen new jari trivial svndigest 0.x+ documentation
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