Latex Unicode issues

Adding the following two lines to your Latex document makes Latex handle unicode characters correctly.


Mainly useful if you have special characters such as å, ä and ö.

Easy setting of page geometry


Things to do when you submit your breakthrough article

I think the below also applies to theoretical physicists.

Dear computational biologists and biological physicists,

It has come to my attention that there is no real template for an
abstract in html, and if there is it's probably well outdated and should
be replaced. So I have created one. It's self contained, read does not
need any strange pixel files located in some weird place, and follows
the w3c standard that we all should conform to. Moreover it looks pretty
much like the old one.

Please use this template when you create your new abstracts that we will
publish on your mutual website.

The template is located at

Or you can reach it by clicking on the internal link at our main page,
and then clicking on abstract template.


Click here for the template.

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