Lund MCnet school tutorials

On this page we can put notes and thoughts about the Lund MCnet school tutorials. So far the idea is:

First day

  • Run the generator standalone (the generator authors probably want this).
  • Use a W+jets analysis that is already available in Rivet to provide an introduction into Rivet.
  • Depending on the generator and the author's preference we can run the W+jets on the fly or read in Les Houches ME files.

So basically we could copy large parts of the YETI school for this day. Note that the lecture about jet algorithms is scheduled after the first tutorial, so we can't do any jet algorithm comparisons.

Second day

A more involved LHC analysis. The school's focus is on heavy flavour, so we'll take semileptonic ttbar.

  • Students use a Rivet plugin analysis. We need to prepare one which has all the necessary tools, so that they don't start from scratch.
  • They extend their analysis, try measure different properties of ttbar, compare generators, turn MPI/UE off, etc.
  • If they have time, they can run their analysis also over the W+jets samples to check if they can separate signal from background.

I've already hacked together a very crude ttbar analysis as Rivet plugin. ‚ÄčHere are some details and plots.

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