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CBBP ML Journal Club

When? Where?

We aim to meet Fridays every two weeks at 10.30 in the Majestic conference room at THEP. Each meeting is scheduled individually though, and deviations may occur.

Scheduled Papers

Date Time and Location Paper link Chair
2019-04-29 15.00, Majestic Conference room TBD; something on GANs TBD linse@thep

Paper Suggestions

Paper link Chair volunteers
BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding by Jacob Devlin Ming-Wei Chang Kenton Lee Kristina Toutanova. arXiv, 2018 arXiv andersb@thep
Improving Fairness in Machine Learning Systems: What Do Industry Practitioners Need? by Kenneth Holstein, Jennifer Wortman Vaughan, Hal Daumé III, Miroslav Dudík, Hanna Wallach. CHI 2019 pdf andersb@thep

Past Papers

Date Time and Location Paper link Chair
2019-04-12 10.30, Majestic Conference room A Fast and Accurate Dependency Parser using Neural Networks by Danqi Chen, Christopher Manning. EMNLP 2014 pdf andersb@thep