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8  Copyright (C) Authors contributing to this file.
10  This file is part of BASE - BioArray Software Environment.
11  Available at
13  BASE is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
14  modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
15  as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
16  of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
18  BASE is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
19  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
21  GNU General Public License for more details.
23  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
24  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
25  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
26  Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.
29<chapter id="resources" chunked="0">
30  <?dbhtml dir="resources"?>
31  <title>Resources</title>
32  <para>
33    There are several resources available for those who are using BASE 2 or have some other
34    kind of interested in the BASE 2 project. This chapter contains information about those
35    resources and also some short instructions on how to use each
36    one of them.
37  </para>
38  <sect1 id="resources.home_page">
39    <title>BASE project site</title>
40    <para>
41      The BASE project site is located at
42      <ulink url=''></ulink>.
43      Here is a lot of useful information about the project and the program, e.g.
44      documentation/manuals, download-pages, contact information and much more. The most
45      important parts of the page are covered in this section.
46    </para>
47    <sect2 id="">
48      <title>Download</title>
49      <para>
50        The download page is accessed from the download section, on the home page, by
51        following the link to
52        <guilabel><ulink url=''
53          >Download Page</ulink></guilabel>.
54        From this page you can download BASE 2 releases as packaged tar.gz
55        files or checkout the source code directly from the Subversion repository.
56        See the separate parts on the web page to get more information how to
57        proceed with each one of them.
59        <variablelist>
60          <varlistentry>
61            <term>Packaged BASE 2 releases</term>
62            <listitem>
63              <para>
64                Both source-packages and binary-packages are available for each release
65                of the program.
66              </para>
67            </listitem>
68          </varlistentry>
69          <varlistentry>
70            <term>Repository access</term>
71            <listitem>
72              <para>
73                With this option the visitor can get the source code directly from
74                Subversion. There are at least three different version that are
75                available to checkout from the repository.
76                <itemizedlist>
77                  <listitem>
78                    <para>
79                      The latest production release. This will give you
80                      the same source code as one of the packaged
81                      releases.
82                    </para>
83                  </listitem>
84                  <listitem>
85                    <para>
86                      The latest non-released bugfix branch. Use this if
87                      you are affected by a bug that has been fixed but not
88                      yet released.
89                    </para>
90                  </listitem>
91                  <listitem>
92                    <para>
93                      Bleeding edge of the software, which is the latest
94                      revision of the program. The code is not guaranteed to
95                      work correctly and it is recommended to backup important
96                      data in the database before updating. Use this at your own
97                      risk, we can't guarantee that you will be able to upgrade
98                      the installation to another version or release.
99                    </para>
100                  </listitem>
101                </itemizedlist>
102              </para>
103            </listitem>
104          </varlistentry>
105        </variablelist>
106      </para>
107    </sect2>
108    <sect2 id="">
109      <title>Ticket system</title>
111      <para>
112        A ticket is a note about a bug or a new feature that has not yet been
113        implemented. To show the list of outstanding tickets use the
114        <guibutton><ulink url=""
115          >View Tickets</ulink></guibutton> button on BASE 2's home-page.
116        It is a good idea to have a look at this list before reporting a bug
117        or requesting a new feature. Perhaps someone has registered the issue as a ticket
118        already. This list can also be used to see how the BASE 2 development is proceeding
119        and when some particular request is planed to be fixed.
120      </para>
122      <para>
123        To report bugs, add feature requests, and comment an existing ticket, you needs to
124        be logged in to the trac environment. This is done by clicking on the
125        <guilabel>login</guilabel>-link to
126        the right in the upper corner on the home page. The <guilabel>Feedback</guilabel>-section,
127        also on the home page, contains more information how to proceed.
128      </para>
129    </sect2>
130    <sect2 id="resources.home_page.roadmap">
131      <title>Roadmap</title>
133      <para>
134        The roadmap of BASE 2 is accessed from the
135        <guibutton><ulink url=""
136          >Roadmap</ulink></guibutton> button on the home page. This page
137        contains information about the plans for future development, including
138        the tickets that should be fixed for each milestone. Usually, only
139        the next upcoming release has a date set. The <guilabel>BASE 2.x</guilabel>
140        milestone is used to collected tickets that we think should be fixed
141        but are less important or require too much work. Contributions are welcome.
142      </para>
144    </sect2>
145    <sect2 id="resources.home_page.documentation">
146      <title>Documentation</title>
147      <para>
148        All documentation that are associated with the project can be found in the
149        Documentation-section on the start page.
150        <variablelist>
151          <varlistentry>
152            <term>Manuals</term>
153            <listitem>
154              <para>
155                Useful information for the common user and the administrator, like
156                user documentation, installation instructions and administration
157                guide. These different documents will eventually be replaced with
158                this document when it includes the corresponding texts.
159              </para>
160            </listitem>
161          </varlistentry>
162          <varlistentry>
163            <term>Specifications</term>
164            <listitem>
165              <para>
166                This part contains specification for the separate divisions of the
167                project, such as core specification, web-client specification and
168                more.
169              </para>
170            </listitem>
171          </varlistentry>
172          <varlistentry>
173            <term>Developer information</term>
174            <listitem>
175              <para>
176                Information for those who are interested to be involved in the
177                development of BASE 2.
178              </para>
179            </listitem>
180          </varlistentry>
181          <varlistentry>
182            <term>Future development</term>
183            <listitem>
184              <para>
185                Link to a list of ideas for future development that aren't covered
186                and monitored in the milestones on the road map page. In other words
187                - ideas that are not planned to be done within nearest 6 to 12
188                month.
189              </para>
190            </listitem>
191          </varlistentry>
192        </variablelist>
193      </para>
194    </sect2>
195  </sect1>
196  <sect1 id="resources.coreplugins">
197    <title>Core plug-in configurations</title>
198    <para>
199      In the section called <guilabel>Plug-ins</guilabel> at on the home page, is a
200      link to
201      <ulink
202        url="">
203        a page that lists the core plug-ins</ulink>.
204      All plug-ins that are included in the installation of
205      BASE 2 are listed on this page, some together with one or several examples of suitable
206      configuration files. These configuration files can be downloaded and imported with the
207      plug-in configuration importer in BASE 2.
208    </para>
209  </sect1>
210  <sect1 id="resources.plugins">
211    <title>BASE plug-ins site</title>
212    <para>
213      Plug-ins which aren't included in the installation of BASE 2, have their own site,
214      called
215      <ulink url="">BASE plug-ins web site</ulink>
216      which includes a download page for submitted none-core plug-ins. Here is also
217      information how to become a plug-in developer, with commit access to the repository, and
218      how to submit a plug-in to the download page.
219    </para>
220  </sect1>
221  <sect1 id="resources.demo_server">
222    <title>Demo server</title>
223    <para>
224      There is a demo server up running for anyone who wants to explore BASE 2 without having
225      to install it. Follow the link on BASE 2's home page to the demo server or go directly
226      to
227      <ulink url="">
229      </ulink>
230    </para>
231    <para>
232      Use
233      <userinput>base2</userinput> as login and
234      <userinput>base2</userinput> as password
235      to login to the demo server. The base2 user account has read privileges to all data on
236      the demo server and can view almost every list page. If extended privileges are wanted,
237      please contact the administrator of the demo server (see the bottom of the browser).
238    </para>
239  </sect1>
240  <sect1 id="resources.mailing_lists">
241    <title>Mailing lists</title>
242    <para>
243      BASE project has three different mailing lists available for subscription. Visit the
244      <ulink url="">mailing list page</ulink>
245      to get more information about each one of the mailing lists. All posted mails are saved
246      in an archive for each list, it can therefore be a good idea to have a look here before
247      posting a new thread.
248    </para>
249    <para>
250      These are the available mailing lists, more details about each one of them can be found
251      on the mailing list page.
252      <itemizedlist>
253        <listitem>
254          <para>basedb-users</para>
255        </listitem>
256        <listitem>
257          <para>basedb-devel</para>
258        </listitem>
259        <listitem>
260          <para>basedb-announce</para>
261        </listitem>
262      </itemizedlist>
263    </para>
264  </sect1>
265  <sect1 id="resources.irc_channel">
266    <title>IRC channel</title>
267    <para>
268      There is a recently started irc channel on the FreeNode network where real-time BASE
269      discussion can take place twentyfour-seven. Use
270      <userinput>#basedb</userinput>
271      to connect to the channel on
272      <userinput></userinput>
273      or try to access
274      <ulink url="irc://"></ulink>
275      from a browser that supports IRC URLs
276    </para>
277    <para>
278      This is currently only a trial but will perhaps be extended depending on the interest of
279      using this discussion forum.
280    </para>
281    <important>
282      <title>Mailing lists are still #1</title>
283      <para>Use the mailing lists to get in contact with the development team.</para>
284    </important>
285  </sect1>
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