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4This test is common for all filters. There are more specific testing
5under each chapter that uses these functions.\\
6Make sure that all columns are visible before the test is started.
7\subsection{Query filters}
9\item Test each column filter seperatly and control that the list
10contains the right items. Test the filter with '\userinput{\%}' in the
11search string.
12\item If the column contains dates the following test should be
13done to the filter otherwise skip this step.\\Pick a date that is
14present when the list is unfiltered and filter the column with this date typed in the different formats below:
16\item \userinput{[YYYY-MM-DD]}
17\item \userinput{[YYYYMMDD]}
18\item \userinput{[DD-MM-YYYY]}
20The first format is the one that is used in BASE2 and should give the expected
22\item Test to apply more than one column filter at the same time and
23control that the result is right.
27\item Configure one or more columns to be filtered.
28\item Click on \click{Save as...} in the '-view/presets-' drop-downlist to save
29  the filter as a preset.
30\item Call the preset for \userinput{testfilter} and uncheck \checkbox{Overwrite
31exixting} and \checkbox{Public}.
32\item Press \button{Ok}.
33\item Click on \click{Clear filter} in the '-view/presets-' drop-downlist. All
34  items in the current list should be showed(no filter).
35\item Select the preset, that was created before, from the drop-downlist
36  and control that the filter gives the right result.
37  \item Preform the step 2-6 again, but hide/view some other columns
38  and check \checkbox{Overwrite existing} before the preset is saved.
39\item Click on \click{Manage...} in the drop-downlist.
40\item Load the preset called testfilter by clicking on the preset's
41  \click{Load} link. Did the filter work?
42\item Open the manage-window again.
43\item Delete the testfilter - preset by clicking on \click{Delete} for
44  these preset. Press the button \button{Close} to close the preset-window.
45\item The preset should be erased from the `-view/preset-' drop-downlist.
47\subsubsection{Owned by../Shared by..} 
48Followoing steps shall be tested in the cases when it's possible
49to limit the listed items to be just the ones owned by the user, shared
50to the user and/or owned by other users.
52\item Make sure that all three, 'Owned by me','Shared to me' and
53'Owned by others' are unchecked(not marked with a 'x'). Is the list empty?
54\item Click on \click{Owned by me} from the drop-downlist.\\Is the list
55only containing items that are own by the current user?.
56\item Click on \click{Owned by me} to not view items that are owned by
57the current user.
58\item Do step 2 and 3 with both \click{Shared to me} and \click{Owned by others}. The listed
59  items should only be those who are shared to the user and owned by
60  others respectively.
61\item Test to combine the options:
63\item Owned by me and Owned by others
64\item Owned by me and Shared to me
65\item Owned by others and Shared to me
66\item Owned by me, Owned by others and Shared to me
68Do the cases give the expected results?
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