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3\section{List columns}
5These tests are common for all listpages.
6Each test case starts from the Column dialogbox if nothing else is
7said. The dialogbox can be accessed in one of two following ways: with the tab
8\tab{Column...} or by clicking on \click{Other...} in the '-view/preset-'
12\item Select a column that is marked as required and try to move it to
13  the list of hidden columns by pressing the button \button{\rt}. Is
14  it possible? Do this separately on all column names that is marked
15  as required.
16\item Mark two column-names(not marked as required) in the
17  list of visible columns and move them to the list of hidden
18  columns by pressing the button \button{\rt}.
19\item Press the \button{Ok} to see the result.\\Does the table have
20  look that it was exptected to have?
25\item Mark two column names in the list of hidden columns.
26\item Move them to the list of visible columns by pressing the
27  button \button{\lt}. Were they added in the buttom of the list?
28\item Press \button{Ok} and control that right columns are
29  visible and in the order they were setup to be.
33Make sure that there are more than three names in the list of visible columns
35\item Mark the column-name that's in the bottom of list with visible
36  columns.
37\item Press the button \button{\ut} to move up the column name.
38\item Press then \button{Ok}. Is the order of the columns as it was
39  expected?
40\item Open the dialogwindow for Columns again with tab
41  \tab{Columns...} and mark the column name that is at the top of the
42  list with visible columns.
43\item Move down the column-name by pressing the button \button{\dt}
44\item Close the window with \button{Ok} and control that the columns
45  are in the order that they should.
50\item Click on \click{All columns} in the '-view/presets-' drop-downlist in
51  mainwindow.\\The list should contain all the columns.
52\item \label{defaultpreset}Click on \click{Default columns} in the same drop-downlist. How
53  does the list react?
54\item Click on \click{Required columns} in the same
55  drop-downlist. Only necessary columns should be visible.
56\item Click on \click{Other...} to open the dialog window for columns
57  in the dropdown list. There should only be required column names in
58  the list of visible columns.
59\item Select one or more names in the list of hidden columns and press
60  the button \button{\lt} to move them to the list of visible items.
61\item Press the button \button{Save as...} to open a new window where the
62  settings can be saved as a new preset.
63\item Press \button{Ok} to test that it isn't possible to save the
64  preset without a name.
65\item \label{presetsave}Give the preset the name \userinput{TestColPre} and press then
66  \button{Ok} to save the preset.
67\item Click on \click{Default} in the preset dropdown list. Does the columns
68  agree to which once that were displayed in step \ref{defaultpreset}?
69\item Click on \click{All} in the preset dropdown list. Are all columns
70  in the list of visible columns?
71\item Click on the preset that was created/saved in step \ref{presetsave}. Control that
72  the visible columns are the same that were set in the preset. Press
73  \button{Ok} to view the result in the list.
74\item Open the column dialogwindow with the tab \tab{Columns...}.
75\item Click on \click{TestColPre} in the preset dropdown list.
76\item Press \button{Delete...} to remove the preset of columns
77  settings. Is the deleted preset removed from the dropdown list of
78  presets?
79\item Try to delete the presets \textit{All, Default and Required}. It
80  shouldn't be possible.
81\item Press \button{Cancel} to close the dialogwindow.
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