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3\section{List pages}
5These test procedures are common for all pages that contains some kind
6of a list.
9\item Click on the tab \tab{New...} to open a window where new list
10  item can be created. Close it.
11\item Click on the tab \tab{Delete} (with no items selected). There
12  should be a message about that at least one item has to be
13  selected in the list.
14\item Check one item from the list and click on \tab{Delete}
15  again.\\The item will disappear from the list if the listfilter not
16  is set to show removed items. Is it set to show removed items there
17  will be a trash can  beside the item's checkbox instead.
18\item Click on the tab \tab{Restore} without having any items
19  selected.\\There should be a message saying that at least one
20  item has to be selected.
21\item Check a list item that is marked as removed(the filter/list must
22  be set to show removed items) and click on \tab{Restore} to restore the
23  deleted item. The trash can should disappear and the item being
24  restored successfully.
25\item Click on \tab{Columns...} This should open a window where the list's
26  columns can be managed. Control that the columns are relavant to
27  the current list and then close the window.
28\item Click on the tab \tab{Export...} to open a window where the
29  list or certain rows/columns of the list can be exported to a
30  file. Control that the information in the window are relavant to the
31  current list and then close the window.
34Set the hits/page so there will be at least 4 list pages.
36\item Click on the \click{\rt} to view the next list page. The page
37  should be updated with the next items.
38\item Click on the \click{\toend} to view the last page with items.
39\item Click on the \click{\lt} to view the previous list page. Do the
40  listed items seem to be right?
41\item Click on the \click{\tostart} to view the first page with list items.
42\item Test the hits/page with the following values, press 'enter'
43  after each input and control that the number of showed items and
44  pages are right according to how many hits there are totaly.
46\item value that is bigger then the total number of hits.
47\item value that is less then the total number of hits but bigger than
48  0
49\item \userinput{0}
50\item \userinput{-3}
52The last two values are invalid but should be handled by the webclient.
53\item Set the hits/page to be less then the total number of hits and
54  control that the number of pages is right. Are the page numbers
55  organized right?
56\item Click on the page number to control that the link to them is
57  working.
61\item Click on each column's title twice and control for each time
62  that the rows are organized as they suppose to be, increasing and decreasing.
63\item Click in the \checkbox{Check/uncheck all} and control that all visible
64  items has been selected. Click in the \checkbox{Check/uncheck all}
65  again to uncheck all visible items.
69\item Control that each list items has a link to view/edit the
70  information in a separate dialogwindow.
71\item Click on the link for some of the items and check that right
72  information is viewed in the dialogwindow.
73\item Click on \click{Export...} to open the export window.
74\item Set Format to be \radiobox{Tab-separated text file}. Select
75  items to be from \radiobox{All pages} and the the columns to be
76  \click{Current}
77\item Leave the 'Save as' textfield empty and \checkbox{Overwrite
78  existing file} unchecked.
79\item Press \button{Ok} to download the file and control the contents
80  of the file. It should agree to the items-list in the webclient.
81\item Export the items on \radiobox{Current page} to a
82  \radiobox{Tab-separated text file}. Check \checkbox{Overwrite
83  existing file} and download it by press the \button{Ok} button. Does
84  the file seems to be ok?
85\item Export to a third file, but these time in \radiobox{XML} format
86  and to the home-directory on BASE2 with only one exported
87  column. Download the file and compare it with the list.
88\item Try to export to a file with no exported columns. Is the result
89  acceptable?
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