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Fixes #1255: Make annotation importer handle units

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1Name  Time (hours)  Age (years) Subtype Comment #1  Comment #2
2# Only ok values
3Sample #1 0 0 alfa  Good  Very good
4# Test: enum finding: BETA -> beta; invalid number: xx
5Sample #2 24  xx  BETA  Bad Not so bad
6# Test: multiple annotations on separate lines; long string that should be cropped
7Sample #2 18      Yet another comment And one more which is too long and will be cropped
8# Test: number out of range: -12; float conversion to int; invalid enum: Gamm
9Sample #3 -12 12.5  Gamm  Work hard to fix this
10# Test: annotatate duplicate samples
11Sample dup  1 1 alfa  my comment
12# Test: item not found
13NoSample  0 0 alfa  Good  Very good
14# Test: remove annotations; add value to existing; value with unit (120min=2h)
15Sample #4 120min        A comment from file
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