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Oct 2, 2006, 11:40:47 AM (16 years ago)
Jari Häkkinen

Bumped version number. Added disclaimer text to migration.

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  • branches/2.0/build.xml

    r2619 r2683  
    5454  <!-- set global properties for this build -->
    5555  <property name="compilerarg" value="-Xlint:unchecked" />
    56   <property name="base.version" value="2.0" />
     56  <property name="base.version" value="2.0.1" />
    5757  <property environment="env" />
  • branches/2.0/doc/installation.html

    r2615 r2683  
    491 <font size=+2 color=red>
    493 The migration is currently broken. We have found a few serious bugs in
    494 the migration program and have been forced to disable it. Do not use
    495 any previously released versions of the migration tool. We are working
    496 on this problem and are putting a lot of effort in testing the new
    497 tool. We expect to release a fully functional tool soon and we'll send
    498 a message through the announcement mailing list as soon as a working
    499 tool becomes available. If you need to test the migration you must specify
    500 "debug" as a parameter to the script.
    501 </font>
     491<i> Disclaimer </i> <br> We have made extensive testing of the
     492migration from BASE1.2 to BASE2. To our knowledge the migration works
     493but we cannot guarantee perfect functionality. The migration tool is
     494supplied as is and usage is done at your risk. We are commited to
     495solve migration problems at the level of transfering data from BASE
     4961.2 to 2.0.x, but cannot resolve data loss issues due to imperfect
     497migration in a running BASE 2.0.x server. When you start the migration
     498tool you are required to pass parameter "disclaimer_understood" to the script. Remember to check that the migration
     500performed well before you decide to delete your 1.2 installation.
    511   Make sure your BASE 1.2 runs with the latest (pristine) schema
     510  Make sure your BASE 1.2 runs with the latest (<b>pristine</b>) schema
    512511  version. The migration will only support an unmodified BASE 1.2
    513512  installation. If you have an out of date schema version, please
  • branches/2.0/src/clients/migrate/net/sf/basedb/clients/migrate/

    r2622 r2683  
    443443  public static void main(String[] args)
    444444  {
    445     // TODO - remove when debugging is done and migration is stable
    446445    System.err.println("-----------------------------------------------------------------------");
    447     System.err.println("NOTE!!! We have found that the migration program has some serious bugs.");
    448     System.err.println("We do not recommend using the migration program except for testing.");
     446    System.err.println("Disclaimer");
     447    System.err.println("We have made extensive testing of the migration from BASE1.2 to BASE2");
     448    System.err.println("To our knowledge the migration works but we cannot guarantee perfect");
     449    System.err.println("functionality. The migration tool is supplied as is and usage is done");
     450    System.err.println("at your risk. When you start the migration tool you are required to");
     451    System.err.println("pass parameter 'disclaimer_understood' to the");
     452    System.err.println("script. Remember to check that the migration performed well before you");
     453    System.err.println("decide to delete your BASE1.2 installation.");
    449454    System.err.println("-----------------------------------------------------------------------");
    451     if (args == null || args.length == 0 || !"debug".equals(args[0]))
    452     {
    453       System.err.println("Use: \"./ debug\" to start the program");
     456    if (args == null || args.length == 0 || !"disclaimer_understood".equals(args[0]))
     457    {
     458      System.err.println("Use: \"./ disclaimer_understood\" to start the program");
    454459      System.exit(0);
    455460    }
    456461    else
    457462    {
    458       System.err.println("Debug switch found, press ENTER to continue with migration...");
     463      System.err.println("Migration switch found, press ENTER to continue with migration...");
    459464      waitForEnter();
    460465    }
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