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    5252      <li><a href="#overview">Primary vs. secondary storage</a></li>
    5353      <li><a href="#secondary">The SecondaryStorageController interface</a></li>
    54       <li><a href="#config">Comnfiguration settings</a></li>
     54      <li><a href="#config">Configuration settings</a></li>
    5555    </ol>
    5656    <p>
    5959    <li><a href="../../../admin/base.config.html#seconary">base.config reference:
    6060      Secondary storage section</a>
     61    <li><a href="../../../api/net/sf/basedb/core/SecondaryStorageController.html"
     62      >The SecondaryStorageController interface</a>
    6163    </ul>
    6264    </p>
    121123  <p>
    122124    All you have to do to create a secondary storage controller is
    123     to create a class that implements the <code>SecondaryStorageController</code>
    124     interface. In you <code>base.config</code> file you then specify the
     125    to create a class that implements the
     126    <code><a href="../../../api/net/sf/basedb/core/SecondaryStorageController.html"
     127    >SecondaryStorageController</a></code>
     128    interface. In your <code>base.config</code> file you then specify the
    125129    class name in the <code></code> setting and it's
    126130    initialisation parameters in the <code></code>
    131135    Your class must have a public no-argument constructor. The BASE application will
    132136    create only one instance of the class for lifetime of the BASE server.
    133     Here are the method that you must implement:
     137    Here are the methods that you must implement:
    134138  </p>
    190194  <a name="config"></a>
    191   <h2>3. Configuration setting</h2>
     195  <h2>3. Configuration settings</h2>
    193197  <p>
    194198    The configuration settings for the secondary storage controller is
    195     location in the <code>base.config</code> file. Here is an overview of
     199    located in the <code>base.config</code> file. Here is an overview of
    196200    the settings. For more information read the
    197201    <a href="../../../admin/base.config.html#seconary">base.config reference</a>
    206210  <dt></dt>
    207211  <dd>
    208     Initialisation paramters sent to the plugin by calling the
     212    Initialisation parameters sent to the plugin by calling the
    209213    <code>init()</code> method.
    210214  </dd>
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