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    r3208 r3215  
    160160            <guibutton>Next</guibutton>
    161161            to go to the next window where the file to import from is selected. Press
    162             <guibutton>Browse...</guibutton>
     162            <guibutton>Browse&hellip;</guibutton>
    163163            in this window to browse after the import file in the BASE2's file system.
    164164            If the file doesn't exist in the file system it first has to be uploaded
    252252      A data export is done by a job that runs an export plugin for the current context. An
    253253      export job is started by clicking on
    254       <guibutton>Export...</guibutton>
     254      <guibutton>Export&hellip;</guibutton>
    255255      in the toolbar, which will open a pop-up window where the job can be configured.
    256256    </para>
    304304      empty. For saving the exported data within the file system of BASE, it's recommended to
    305305      use the
    306       <guibutton>Browse...</guibutton>
     306      <guibutton>Browse&hellip;</guibutton>
    307307      button to get the right path and then complement it with the file's name.
    308308    </para>
    345345        tab-separated text file. The table exporter supports all list pages and is started,
    346346        like the other export plugins, by clicking on
    347         <guibutton>Export...</guibutton>
     347        <guibutton>Export&hellip;</guibutton>
    348348        in the toolbar.
    349349      </para>
    352352        <para>
    353353          Clicking on
    354           <guibutton>Export...</guibutton>
     354          <guibutton>Export&hellip;</guibutton>
    355355          will open a pop up window to configure the job in. If there are more plugins,
    356356          that support the current context, then the table exporter the first thing will
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