May 8, 2007, 8:57:48 AM (16 years ago)
Nicklas Nordborg

Added option to stop the chunking of each sect1 in chapters and to chunk each sect2 inside sect1.

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  • trunk/doc/src/docbook/developerdoc/write_docbook_doc.xml

    r3286 r3301  
    242242      </sect3>
    243243    </sect2>
     245    <sect2 id="write_docbook_doc.begin.chunking">
     246      <title>Controlling chunking</title>
     247      <para>
     248        We have configured docbook to create a new output file for
     249        each new <sgmltag class="starttag">chapter</sgmltag>
     250        and <sgmltag class="starttag">sect1</sgmltag>. In most cases this
     251        gives each page a relatively good size. Not too long and not too short.
     252        However, if a chapter contains many small <sgmltag class="starttag">sect1</sgmltag>
     253        sections (for example, <xref linkend="resources"/>), you end up with many
     254        pages with just a few lines of text on each page. This is not so
     255        good and can be avoided by adding a <sgmltag class="attribute">chunked = "0"</sgmltag>
     256        attribute to the chapter, for example:
     257      </para>
     258      <programlisting>
     259&lt;chapter id="resources" chunked="0"&gt;
     261      <para>
     262        This will stop the chunking of <sgmltag class="starttag">sect1</sgmltag>
     263        sections in this chapter. On the other
     264        hand, if you have a <sgmltag class="starttag">sect1</sgmltag>
     265        that contains many long <sgmltag class="starttag">sect2</sgmltag>
     266        sections you might want to put each <sgmltag class="starttag">sect2</sgmltag>
     267        section in a separate chunk. If you want to do this:
     268      </para>
     269      <programlisting>
     270&lt;sect1 id="sect.with.large.sect2" chunked="1"&gt;
     273    </sect2>
    244275    <sect2 id="write_docbook_doc.begin.id">
    245276      <title>
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