Sep 21, 2007, 2:35:48 PM (16 years ago)
Martin Svensson

References #364, Added instructions how to make ant put base-plugins.xml and base-configurations.xml
in the plugin jar-file when building an external plugin.
Also updated the examples about this.

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  • trunk/doc/src/docbook/developerdoc/plugin_developer.xml

    r3759 r3763  
    117117         manifest="MANIFEST.MF"
    118118         >
     119         <!--Include this to add required files for auto registration wizard-->
     120         <metainf file="./base-plugins.xml"></metainf>
     121         <metainf file="./base-configurations.xml"></metainf>       
    119122      </jar>
    132135<programlisting>Manifest-Version: 1.0
    133136Class-Path: OtherJar.jar ASecondJar.jar</programlisting>
     137        </para>
     138        <para>
     139          If your plugin should support registration with the auto-installation-wizzard it
     140          could be a good idea to add the
     141          <sgmltag class="element">metainf</sgmltag>
     142          tags. By doing this you don't have to insert any files to the plugin-jar file
     143          after it had been created. Place the
     144          <filename>base-plugins.xml</filename>
     145          and
     146          <filename>base-configurations.xml</filename>
     147          (if any configurations are shipped with the plugin) in the project root
     148          directory before you compile. The files will end up in the jar-file's
     149          <filename class="directory">META-INF</filename>
     150          . Go to
     151          <xref linkend="plugin_developer.organize.autoinstallcompatible" />
     152          to get more information how to create this files.
    134153        </para>
    135154      </sect3>
    172191      </para>
    173192      <programlisting>&lt;?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?&gt;
    174 &lt;!DOCTYPE plugins SYSTEM "../src/core/net/sf/basedb/core/dtd/base-plugins.dtd" &gt;
     193&lt;!DOCTYPE plugins SYSTEM "base-plugins.dtd" &gt;
    175194&lt;plugins jarname="<filename>jarfile.jar</filename>"&gt;
    176195  &lt;pluginclass classname="<classname>se.lu.thep.PluginClass</classname>"&gt;
    238257                A required child element in
    239258                <sgmltag class="element">pluginclass</sgmltag>
    240                 . This should have information if there are plugin configurations
    241                 that are shipped with the plugin. Setting the value to
     259                . This should tell if there are plugin configurations
     260                shipped with the plugin. Setting the value to
    242261                <emphasis>yes</emphasis>
    243262                will indicate that there are available configurations in the
    247266              <para>
    248267                Configurations shipped with a jar-file should be exported with the
    249                 plugin configuration exporter in BASE. The exported file should have
     268                plugin configuration exporter in BASE. The exported file must have
    250269                the name
    251270                <filename>base-configurations.xml</filename>
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