Feb 8, 2008, 9:55:48 AM (16 years ago)
Nicklas Nordborg

Fixes #868: Support for chips with multiple arrays

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  • trunk/doc/src/docbook/appendix/incompatible.xml

    r4127 r4131  
    105105      since this is a new option. In most cases, it should be handled in the same way
    106106      as if the job is <constant>EXECUTING</constant>.
     107    </para>
     109    <bridgehead>Hybridization to Labeled extracts link</bridgehead>
     110    <para>
     111      This link can now hold information about which sub-array a labeled
     112      extract belongs to on a multi-array hybridization. Code that is
     113      unaware of the concept of sub-arrays may find hybridizations
     114      where the number of labeled extracts doesn't match the number
     115      channels in the platform used, and that more than one labeled
     116      extract has the same label. This was previously considered as
     117      an error condition by the experiment validator. With the
     118      new scheme the validation has to be done on a sub-array basis instead
     119      of on the complete hybridization.
     120    </para>
     122    <para>
     123      A similar issue arises when inheriting annotations to a raw bioassay
     124      which stems from a specific sub-array on a mutli-array hybridization.
     125      This raw bioassay should only inherit annotations from the labeled
     126      extracts that are part of the same sub-array. For API compatibility
     127      reasons the <methodname>Hybridization.getAnnotatableParents()</methodname>
     128      will still return <emphasis>all</emphasis> labeled extracts. Code
     129      that is calling this method in order to find the parents to
     130      a raw bioassay should instead call the new method,
     131      <methodname>Hybridizations.getAnnotatableParents(int)</methodname>,
     132      where the <code>int</code> is the sub-array index value for
     133      the raw bioassay.
    107134    </para>
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