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Sep 11, 2008, 8:53:04 AM (15 years ago)
Nicklas Nordborg

Fixes #1097: Outdated FAQs about raw data files

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  • branches/2.8-stable/doc/src/docbook/faq/faqs.xml

    r4487 r4505  
    452452        <qandaentry>
    453453          <question>
    454             <para>
    455               I have created a raw bioassay which is not Affymetrix but the system does not
    456               allow me to upload a data file whereas it is possible to do so if I
    457               declared my rawbioassay of type Affymetrix. Why?
    458             </para>
    459           </question>
    460           <answer>
    461             <para>
    462               This is normal. BASE deals with Affymetrix data files differently. BASE
    463               stores native Affymetrix file and does not load the value in tables as
    464               it does for other platforms. See <xref linkend="experiments_analysis.rawbioassay.rawdata" />
    465               for more information.
    466             </para>
    467           </answer>
    468         </qandaentry>
    470         <qandaentry>
    471           <question>
    472             <para>
    473               I have created a raw bioassay using Affymetrix CEL file but the
    474               interface says 'no spot'. I have really loaded the file! Why?
    475             </para>
    476           </question>
    477           <answer>
    478             <para>
    479               Again, this is because of the specific treatment of
    480               Affymetrix files compared to other platforms. Affymetrix data
    481               is kept in the files and are not imported into the database.
    482               Currently, the number of spots can only be counted when
    483               data is located in the database.
    484             </para>
    485           </answer>
    486         </qandaentry>
    488         <qandaentry>
    489           <question>
    490454            <para>Are Affymetrix CDT and CAB files supported by BASE?</para>
    491455          </question>
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