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Mar 25, 2009, 8:57:49 AM (15 years ago)
Martin Svensson

Fixes #1240. Implement "lazy loading" in the generic "item overview".

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  • trunk/doc/src/docbook/userdoc/webclient.xml

    r4840 r4842  
    22382238      function you can get an overview of all hybridizations,
    22392239      extracts, samples, annotations, raw data sets, etc. that are
    2240       related to a given item. In the overview you can validate
     2240      related to a given item. In the overview you can also validate
    22412241      the data to find possibly missing or incorrect information.
    22422242    </para>
    22732273        to the current item. The tree is loaded gradually when
    22742274        you click your way through the sublevels.
    2275         The only exception is when a validation has been done,
     2275        The only exception is after a validation has been done,
    22762276        in this case the whole tree is loaded through the validation-process.               
    22772277        </para>
    22832283        messages that was found when validating the data.
    22842284        This section is empty if no validation has been done.
    2285         Click on <guibutton>Validate</guibutton> to validate the data.       
     2285        Click on the <guibutton>Validate</guibutton> button
     2286        to validate the data and load errors and warnings.       
    22862287        <nohelp>
    2287         In the example you can see that we failed to assign biosource to sample
    2288         <guilabel>Sample A.ref</guilabel> and
    2289         protocol and hardware to array batch <guilabel>Affymetrix batch A</guilabel>.
     2288          In the example you can see that we have failed to
     2289          specify a value for the <guilabel>Temperature</guilabel>
     2290          protocol parameter for one of the samples.
    22902291        </nohelp>
    22912292        </para>
    26192620            <simpara>
    26202621            After saving the changes you must click on the
    2621             <guibutton>Revalidate</guibutton> button to update
     2622            <guibutton>Validate</guibutton> button to update the
    26222623            interface. If you want, you can fix more than one
    26232624            failure before clicking on the button.
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