Mar 25, 2009, 1:23:49 PM (13 years ago)
Nicklas Nordborg

Fixes #1269: Biomaterial batch importers should use alphanumeric coordinate system for wells

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    4343    </para>
    4444  </note>
     46  <sect1 id="appendix.incompatible.2.11">
     47    <title>BASE 2.11 release</title>
     49    <bridgehead>
     50      Biomaterial batch importers uses a different coordinate system
     51      to target biowells
     52    </bridgehead>
     53    <para>
     54      The batch importers previously used the same coordinate system
     55      for locating biowells on a plate that BASE uses internally. A
     56      0-based numerical coordinate pair. This has now been changed to use
     57      the more logical alphanumeric 1-based coordinate system typically found on plates.
     58      As an example files should now specify A1, B2, C3 instead of [0,0],
     59      [1,1] or [2,2]. Files that use the "old" coordinate system must
     60      be updated to the new coordinate system, or the imported data will
     61      end up in incorrect wells or in no well at all. The change affects three
     62      batch importers:
     63    </para>
     64    <itemizedlist>
     65      <listitem>
     66      <para><classname docapi="net.sf.basedb.plugins.batchimport">SampleImporter</classname></para>
     67      </listitem>
     68      <listitem>
     69      <para><classname docapi="net.sf.basedb.plugins.batchimport">ExtractImporter</classname></para>
     70      </listitem>
     71      <listitem>
     72      <para><classname docapi="net.sf.basedb.plugins.batchimport">LabeledExtractImporter</classname></para>
     73      </listitem>
     74    </itemizedlist>
     76    <note>
     77      It is still possible to use purely numerical coordinates, but they must
     78      be 1-based and not 0-based as before!
     79    </note>
     81    <warning>
     82      The new coordinate system only affects the batch importers. The BASE
     83      web client will still display the internal 0-based coordinate values.
     84      BASE users should be aware of this, particularly if they use the table
     85      exporter to generate template files intended for import at a later
     86      time. In this case the coordinates in the template file needs to be
     87      edited before importing.
     88    </warning>
     89  </sect1>
    4691  <sect1 id="appendix.incompatible.2.10">
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