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Sep 13, 2010, 3:03:51 PM (12 years ago)
Nicklas Nordborg

References #1485: File items should be able to reference external files

Updated data-layer documentation with FileServerData? and related information.

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    10831083        <para>
     1084          The <varname>url</varname> property is used for file items which are stored in
     1085          an external location. In this case there is no local file data on the
     1086          BASE server.
     1087        </para>
     1089        <para>
    10841090          The <varname>location</varname> property can take three values:
    10851091        </para>
    11011107          2 = The file is in secondary storage, ie. it has been moved to some
    11021108          other place and can't be used by BASE immediately.
     1109          </para>
     1110        </listitem>
     1111        <listitem>
     1112          <para>
     1113          3 = The file is an external file whose location is referenced by the
     1114          <varname>url</varname> property. If the file is protected by passwords
     1115          or certificates the file item may reference a
     1116          <classname docapi="">FileServerData</classname>
     1117          object. Note that an external file in most cases can be used by client
     1118          applications/plug-ins as if the file was stored locally on the BASE
     1119          server.
    11031120          </para>
    11041121        </listitem>
    11451162          BASE can store files in a compressed format. This is handled internally
    11461163          and is not visible to client applications. The <varname>compressed</varname>
    1147           and <varname>diskSize</varname> properties are used to store information
     1164          and <varname>compressedSize</varname> properties are used to store information
    11481165          about this. A file may always be compressed if the users says so, but
    11491166          BASE can also do this automatically if the file is uploaded
    11511168          or if the file has MIME type with the <varname>autoCompress</varname>
    11521169          flag set.
     1170        </para>
     1172        <para>
     1173          The <classname docapi="">FileServerData</classname> class
     1174          holds information about an external file server. The <varname>username</varname>
     1175          and <varname>password</varname> properties are used if the server requires the
     1176          user to be logged in. BASE supports Basic and Digest authentication.
     1177          The <varname>serverCertificate</varname> can be used with HTTPS servers that uses
     1178          a non-trusted certificate to tell BASE to trust the server anyway. In most cases,
     1179          this is only needed if the server uses a self-signed certificate, but could, for
     1180          example, also be used if a trusted site has forgot to renew an expired certificate.
     1181          The server certificate should be an X.509 certificate in either binary or text format.
     1182          The <varname>clientCertificate</varname> and <varname>clientPassword</varname>
     1183          properties are used for servers that require that users present a valid client
     1184          certificate before they are allowed access. The client certificate is usually issued
     1185          by the server operator and must be in PKCS #12 format.
    11531186        </para>
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