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    2828  <?dbhtml dir="biomaterials" filename="index.html" ?>
    30   <title>Biomaterial</title>
    31   <sect1 id="biomaterial.introduction">
    32     <?dbhtml filename="introduction.html" ?>
    33     <title>Introduction</title>
     30  <title>Biomaterial LIMS</title>
    3432    <para>
    3533      The generic term biomaterial refers to any biological material used in an experiment.
    7169      expected that users will follow the natural path of the laboratory workflow.
    7270    </para>
    73     <tip>
    74       <para>
    75         It is highly recommended that you have read
    76         <xref linkend="webclient.items" />
    77         before continuing with this chapter.
    78       </para>
    79     </tip>
    80   </sect1>
    8273  <sect1 id="biomaterials.biosources">
    10411032                    specific biomaterial type or not. This property can only
    10421033                    be set for new bioplate types.
     1034                  </para>
     1035                </listitem>
     1036              </varlistentry>
     1037              <varlistentry>             
     1038                <term><guilabel>Biomaterial subtype</guilabel></term>
     1039                <listitem>
     1040                  <para>
     1041                    If a specific biomaterial type has been selected
     1042                    it is also possible to further restrict the use
     1043                    of the bioplate to a certain biomaterial subtype.
     1044                    The restriction is not enforced by the core but is mainly used
     1045                    by the gui to provide smart filters in selection
     1046                    lists, in the bioplate event wizards, etc.
    10431047                  </para>
    10441048                </listitem>
    12151219                  This column contains the biomaterial that should be placed on the plate.
    12161220                  When a destination plate has been selected, it is displayed as a grid to
    1217                   the right. To place a biomaterial either use the <guibutton>Plate by row</guibutton>
     1221                  the right. To place a biomaterial either use the <guibutton>Place by row</guibutton>
    12181222                  or <guibutton>Place by column</guibutton> buttons, or select an item in this
    12191223                  list. When an item has been selected, click on the destination well on the
    17491753                in different positions can use the same tag.
    17501754                The default value is 1, but some platforms, for example
    1751                 Illumina BeadArrays, has slides with 6 or 8 positions.
     1755                Illumina BeadArrays, has slides with 6 or 8 positions
     1756                and sequencing flow cells have 8 lanes.
    17521757              </para>
    17531758            </listitem>
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