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    4141  <para>
    4242    In some places the only way to get data into BASE is to import it
    43     from a file. This typically includes raw data, array design
    44     features, reporters and other things, which would be inconvenient
     43    from a file. This typically includes <emphasis>raw data</emphasis>,
     44    <emphasis>array design features</emphasis>, <emphasis>reporters</emphasis>
     45    and other things, which would be inconvenient
    4546    to enter by hand due to the large number of data items. There is
    4647    also convenience batch importers for importing other items such as
    47     biosources, samples, and annotations. The batch importers are
     48    <emphasis>biosources</emphasis>, <emphasis>samples</emphasis>, and
     49    <emphasis>annotations</emphasis>. The batch importers are
    4850    described later in this chapter after the general import
    4951    description.
    5153  <para>
    5254    Normally, a plug-in handles one type of items and may require a
    53     configuration, for example, the import plug-ins need some
     55    configuration. For example, most import plug-ins need some
    5456    information about how to find headers and data lines in
    5557    files. BASE ships with a number of import plug-ins as a part of
    104106      <listitem>
    105107        <simpara>
    106           Select a plug-in and file format to use, or select the
    107           auto detect option.
     108          Select a plug-in and file format to use, or use the
     109          <emphasis>auto detect</emphasis> option.
    108110        </simpara>
    109111      </listitem>
    164166                includes combinations that
    165167                the logged in user has permission to use. If you select
    166                 an entry a short description of about the plug-in and configuration
     168                an entry a short description about the plug-in and configuration
    167169                is displayed
    168170                below the lists. More information about the plug-ins can
    260262              <listitem>
    261263                <para>
    262                   Displayes the selected plug-in or <guilabel>all</guilabel> if the
     264                  Displays the selected plug-in or <guilabel>all</guilabel> if the
    263265                  auto-detection is used on all supporting plug-ins.
    264266                </para>
    285287                  with a character set the correct option is automatically selected. In all
    286288                  cases, you have the option to override the default selection. Most files,
    287                   typically use one of the UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 character sets.
     289                  typically use either the UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 character set.
    288290                </para>
    289291              </listitem>
    350352      </para>
    352       <figure id="import_export_data.figures.confiure_plugin">
     354      <figure id="import_export_data.figures.configure_plugin">
    353355        <title>Specify plug-in parameters</title>
    354356        <screenshot>
    387389        <varlistentry>
     390          <term><guilabel>File parser regular expressions</guilabel></term>
     391          <listitem>
     392            <para>
     393            Various regular expressions that are used when parsing the file
     394            to ensure that the data is found. In most cases, all values
     395            are taken from the matched configuration and can be left as is.
     396            </para>
     397          </listitem>
     398        </varlistentry>
     400        <varlistentry>
    388401          <term><guilabel>Error handling</guilabel></term>
    389402          <listitem>
    413426      <title>Add the import job to the job queue</title>
     428      <figure id="import_export_data.figures.finish_job">
     429        <title>Job name and options</title>
     430        <screenshot>
     431          <mediaobject>
     432            <imageobject>
     433              <imagedata
     434                fileref="figures/finish_job.png" format="PNG" />
     435            </imageobject>
     436          </mediaobject>
     437        </screenshot>
     438      </figure>
     440      <helptext external_id="runplugin.finshjob"
     441        title="Set job name and options">
    415442      <para>
    416443        In this window should information about the job be filled in, like name and
    418445        are also two check boxes in this page.
    419446        <variablelist>
     447          <varlistentry>
     448            <term>
     449              <guilabel>Name</guilabel>
     450            </term>
     451            <listitem>
     452              <para>
     453                Most plug-ins should suggest a name for the job, but you can change it if
     454                you want to.
     455              </para>
     456            </listitem>
     457          </varlistentry>
     458          <varlistentry>
     459            <term>
     460              <guilabel>Use job agent</guilabel>
     461            </term>
     462            <listitem>
     463              <para>
     464                This option is only available if the BASE system has been configured with
     465                job agents and the logged in user has <constant>SELECT_JOBAGENT</constant>
     466                permission. Select the <guilabel>automatic</guilabel> option to let
     467                BASE automatically select a job agent or select a specific option
     468                to force the use of that particular job agent.
     469              </para>
     470            </listitem>
     471          </varlistentry>
    420472          <varlistentry>
    421473            <term>
    463515        </para>
    464516      </tip>
     517      </helptext>
    465518    </sect2>
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    103103  <br><br>
    104104  <div align="center">
    105   <base:note type="info" title="<%=title%>" style="width:50%;">
     105  <base:note type="info" title="<%=title%>" style="width:80%;">
    106106    <br>
    107107    <div id="beforeDownloadInfo">
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