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Last part of the "Write documentation" chapter and FAQ and Apecix sections.

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    485485        </qandaentry>
    487         <qandaentry>
    488           <question>
    489             <para>Unzipped files never inherit file type specified
    490             during upload, why?</para>
    491           </question>
    492           <answer>
    493             <para>
    494               Unfortunately this is an "unfixable" defect. The API for
    495               unpacking files is a kind of plug-in interface
    496               (FileUnpacker) that has been made public. The "mistake"
    497               is that the API does not include any information from
    498               the file upload dialog except the directory to upload to
    499               (not even the file name is included). Introducing new
    500               method or parameters will break the API and we prefer to
    501               not do that.
    502             </para>
    503             <para>
    504               As a workaround to this problem the extension of each
    505               file is checked against the list of MIME types
    506               (<menuchoice>
    507                 <guimenu>Administrate</guimenu>
    508                 <guimenuitem>Types</guimenuitem>
    509                 <guimenuitem>Mime Types</guimenuitem>
    510               </menuchoice>).
    511               If a MIME type with the same extension is found and has
    512               been connected to a file type, this file type is
    513               transferred to the file. This will obviously only work
    514               for non-generic file
    515               extensions, <emphasis>eg.</emphasis>, .gpr for GenePix
    516               raw data files, .cel for Affymetrix CEL files, etc.
    517             </para>
    518           </answer>
    519         </qandaentry>
    520487      </qandaset>
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