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    88  Copyright (C) 2007 Jari Häkkinen, Nicklas Nordborg, Martin Svensson
    99  Copyright (C) 2008 Jari Häkkinen
     10  Copyright (C) 2011 Jari Häkkinen, Nicklas Nordborg
    1112  This file is part of BASE - BioArray Software Environment.
    2526  along with BASE. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
    2729<part id="overviewdoc">
    2830  <?dbhtml filename="overview.html"?>
    2931  <title>Overview</title>
    31   <partintro id="overview_nondoc_disclaimer">
     33  <partintro id="overview_intro">
    3234    <para>
    33       This document is not finished but the most important chapters
    34       are concluded. Until the overview is written there is only three
    35       pointers here; i) Early in your BASE experience you should get
    36       acquainted with the permission and projects system
    37       (<xref linkend="project_permission" />) since this will be
    38       helpful when you get going, ii) see <xref linkend="resources" />
    39       for further BASE information resources, and iii) read this
    40       document.
     35      BASE is a freely available software solution designed for
     36      laboratories looking for a single point of storage for all
     37      information related to their experimentation and for storing,
     38      managing, and analysing genomics/transcriptomics data. BASE
     39      offers a multi-user local data repository featuring a web
     40      browser user interface, laboratory information management system
     41      (LIMS) for biomaterials and array production, annotations such
     42      as clinical information, hierarchical overview of analysis, and
     43      integrates tools like <ulink
     44      url='http://www.tm4.org/mev/'>MultiExperiment Viewer</ulink> and
     45      <ulink
     46      url='http://www.broadinstitute.org/cancer/software/genepattern/'>GenePattern</ulink>.
     47    </para>
     49    <para>
     50      BASE is <ulink
     51      url='http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html'>GPLv3
     52      licensed</ulink> and can be freely downloaded and installed by
     53      anyone. Once installed and configured, the system comprise a
     54      database layer and a web server coupled to layers of software
     55      for managing and analysing data in the database.
    4156    </para>
    4257  </partintro>
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