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    r5782 r5859  
    135135        contains information about the plans for future development, including
    136136        the tickets that should be fixed for each milestone. Usually, only
    137         the next upcoming release has a date set. The <guilabel>BASE 2.x</guilabel>
     137        the next upcoming release has a date set. The <guilabel>BASE Future Release</guilabel>
    138138        milestone is used to collected tickets that we think should be fixed
    139139        but are less important or require too much work. Contributions are welcome.
    191191      </para>
    192192    </sect2>
    193   </sect1>
    194   <sect1 id="resources.coreplugins">
    195     <title>Core plug-in configurations</title>
    196     <para>
    197       In the section called <guilabel>Plug-ins</guilabel> on the home page, is a
    198       link to
    199       <ulink
    200         url="http://base.thep.lu.se/chrome/site/doc/historical/admin/plugin_configuration/coreplugins.html">
    201         a page that lists the core plug-ins</ulink>.
    202       All plug-ins that are included in the installation of
    203       BASE are listed on this page, some together with one or several examples of suitable
    204       configuration files. These configuration files can be downloaded and imported with the
    205       plug-in configuration importer in BASE.
    206     </para>
    207193  </sect1>
    208194  <sect1 id="resources.plugins">
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