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References #1630: Migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL

Updated the migration documentation.

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    15511551              database is using. Ensure that the location has enough
    15521552              free space to hold all data from the BASE database. The dump
    1553               typically uses less than half of the disk space used by the
     1553              typically uses less than 10% of the disk space used by the
    15541554              MySQL tables.
    15551555              </para>
    16681668              so that the BASE installation points to the new database.
    16691669              </para>
    1671               <important>
    1672                 <para>
    1673                   The PostgreSQL account used to connect to the database server must have
    1674                   <emphasis>superuser</emphasis> privileges during the migration. This is a
    1675                   PostgreSQL requirement when reading data from files. Either use the
    1676                   <code>creauteuser --superuser</code>
    1677                   option when creating the new user, or issue the following SQL command to
    1678                   elevate the user (replace db_user with the actual user account name):
    1679                 </para>
    1681                 <programlisting>alter role "db_user" superuser</programlisting>
    1682                 <para>
    1683                   The superuser privileges can be removed after
    1684                   the migration has completed with:
    1685                 </para>
    1686                 <programlisting>alter role "db_user" nosuperuser</programlisting>
    1687               </important>
    16881670            </listitem>
    16961678              key constraints are active during the data import, but the tips about memory,
    16971679              checkpoint intervals, WAL archiving, etc. (section 14.4.5 and on) can be useful.
     1680              It may also be a good idea to turn off the auto-vacuum daemon during the import.
    16981681              </para>
    16991682            </listitem>
    1725               <important>
     1708              <note>
    17261709                <title>Installations with separate web and database servers</title>
    17271710                <para>
    1728                 The export part may be executed against a remote MySQL server without
    1729                 limitation, but the import need to access the migration working directory
    1730                 on the given path both from the client-side and from the server-side.
    1731                 If the PostgreSQL server is a remote server, ensure that the data
    1732                 directory is mounted with the same path on both the client and
    1733                 server.
     1711                Both export and import may be executed against remote MySQL/PostgreSQL
     1712                servers without limitation. The migration working directory need only
     1713                to be accessible by the BASE migration program.
    17341714                </para>
    1735               </important>
     1715              </note>
    17371717            </listitem>
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