Feb 6, 2012, 3:12:05 PM (11 years ago)
Nicklas Nordborg

References #1660: Internet Explorer 9 won't open popup windows

I think this fixes the problems with IE9. I have not been able to see the issue after the changes. With the old code it usually possible to see the problem withing 5-10 clicks. The fixes include:

  • Always use the code in the top-level window (frameset) to open popup windows. This get rid of the closed-parent problem which seems to be a possible cause. But we still need to use the true parent window since a lot of popup windows uses the window.opener property to communicate values back and forth.

  • Check the URL length before opening a blank window. If the POST form is not needed we simply open the window with the correct URL to begin with. If a POST form is needed we open a window with a real URL referencing a blank window. This should hopefully get rid of cross-site-scripting issues.

  • Use exception handling when getting old popup window information. If we can't access the information the old popup is probably already closed and the code can at least continue and open a new popup.
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  • branches/3.0-stable/www/index.jsp

    r5484 r5947  
    3636SessionControl sc = Base.getSessionControl(pageContext, true);
    3737String ID = sc.getId();
     38request.setAttribute("ID", ID);
    3940<base:page type="frameset" title="">
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