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References #1908: Batch inheriting multiple annotations

Added section about this feature to the documentation.

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    756756          <other external_id="annotations.edit">Annotations and parameters</other>
    757757          <other external_id="experiment.edit.factors">Experimental factors</other>
     758          <other external_id="annotations.batch_inherit">Batch inherit annotations</other>
    758759          <other external_id="item.overview">Item overview tool</other>
    759760        </seeother>
    761762      </helptext>     
     764    </sect2>
     766    <sect2 id="annotations.batch-inherit">
     767      <title>Batch inherit annotations</title>
     769      <helptext external_id="annotations.batch_inherit"
     770        title="Batch inherit annotations">
     771        <para>
     772          Manually inheriting annotations on a per-item basis will quickly become a time-consuming
     773          and boring task as the project gets larger. Typically, there is a given set of annotations
     774          that should be inherited from different levels in the parent chain. This is possible
     775          with the batch inherit feature. Open this dialog by selecting at least one item in the
     776          list-view and then use the <guibutton>Inherit annotations&hellip;</guibutton> button
     777          in the toolbar.
     778        </para>
     780        <nohelp>
     781        <figure
     782          id="annotations.figures.batch_inherit">
     783          <title>Batch inherit annotations</title>
     784          <screenshot>
     785            <mediaobject>
     786              <imageobject>
     787                <imagedata
     788                  fileref="figures/batch_inherit_annotations.png" format="PNG" />
     789              </imageobject>
     790            </mediaobject>
     791          </screenshot>
     792        </figure>
     793        </nohelp>
     796        <variablelist>
     797        <varlistentry>
     798          <term><guilabel>Select annotation types</guilabel></term>
     799          <listitem>
     800            <para>
     801              Use this button to select one or more annotation types that you want to inherit.
     802              Once the selection has been made, the selected annotation types will be added to
     803              the table in the dialog as shown on the screen shot.
     804            </para>
     805          </listitem>
     806        </varlistentry>
     807        <varlistentry>
     808          <term><guilabel>Action</guilabel></term>
     809          <listitem>
     810            <para>
     811              For each annotation type you can select if you want to
     812              <guilabel>inherit</guilabel> new annotations or <guilabel>remove</guilabel>
     813              existing inherited annotations. It is possible to use different
     814              actions for different annotation types.
     815            </para>
     816          </listitem>
     817        </varlistentry>
     818        <varlistentry>
     819          <term><guilabel>Parent item type</guilabel></term>
     820          <listitem>
     821            <para>
     822              In this list you can select if you want to inherit from
     823              any type of parent or only from a specific type. This is
     824              useful if the same annotation is present on multiple parent
     825              levels. If the annotation type has been added to a category,
     826              BASE will automatically try to guess the parent type (=the
     827              parent type that has the same name as the category). This
     828              option is disabled when removing annotations.
     829            </para>
     830          </listitem>
     831        </varlistentry>
     832        <varlistentry>
     833          <term><guilabel>Options</guilabel></term>
     834          <listitem>
     835            <para>
     836              You may specify if existing inherited annotations should be
     837              replaced and if duplicate inheritance should be allowed or not.
     838              The default is to replace existing annotations and not allow
     839              duplicates.
     840            </para>
     841          </listitem>
     842        </varlistentry>
     843        </variablelist>
     845        <para>
     846          Click on <guibutton>Ok</guibutton> to finish. The work is performed as a background job
     847          on the server. The progress can be followed in the dialog. It may take a while to
     848          complete if several items was selected since BASE will need to look up all parents
     849          and determine if they have any annotations that match the critera that was set up.
     850        </para>
     851      </helptext>
    763853    </sect2>
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