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References #1941: Store experimental factor values as part experiments

Adding notes about incompatible API changes.

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    r6807 r6964  
    3535    and backwards compatible.
    3636  </para>
     38  <sect1 id="appendix.incompatible.3.6">
     39    <title>BASE 3.6 release</title>
     41    <bridgehead id="appendix.incompatible.cloned-annotation">Cloned annotations</bridgehead>
     42    <para>
     43      A new feature that allows an inherited annotation to be cloned has been implemented.
     44      Several methods in <classname docapi="net.sf.basedb.core">AnnotationSet</classname>,
     45      <classname docapi="net.sf.basedb.core.snapshot">AnnotationSnapshot</classname> and some
     46      other classes has been deprecated and replaced with new methods. Existing code that
     47      is not aware of cloned annotations should continue to work, but may experience some
     48      inconsistent behaviour in case the cloned values are out-of-sync with the original
     49      values.
     50    </para>
     52    <bridgehead id="appendix.incompatible.experimental-factors">Experimental factors have moved</bridgehead>
     53    <para>
     54      To allow the owner of an experiment to manage experimental factor values as part
     55      of the experiment, the <classname docapi="net.sf.basedb.core">RootRawBioassay</classname>
     56      item was introduced. The new item is a one-to-one representation of a <classname
     57      docapi="net.sf.basedb.core">RawBioAssay</classname> inside that experiment.
     58      Experimental factor values that are found on existing raw bioassays are copied to the
     59      root rawbioassays when updating BASE. Changes made after the update will only
     60      affect the root raw bioassays. Existing code that is not aware of root raw bioassays
     61      may not find the experimental factor values.
     62    </para>
     64  </sect1>
    3866  <sect1 id="appendix.incompatible.3.5">
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