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References #2033 and #2034. Added a note about the changes to the list of update warnings and incompatible changes.

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  • trunk/doc/src/docbook/admin/installation.xml

    r7161 r7221  
    4848    <important id="installation.upgrade.important">
    49       <title>Important information for upgrading to BASE 3.9</title>
     49      <title>Important information for upgrading to BASE 3.10</title>
    5050      <para>
    5151        This section list some important information that may or may not
    5252        apply when upgrading from the <emphasis>previous</emphasis> BASE
    53         release to the current release (eg. 3.8 to 3.9). If you are
    54         upgrading from a BASE installation that is older (3.0-3.7)
     53        release to the current release (eg. 3.9 to 3.10). If you are
     54        upgrading from a BASE installation that is older (3.0-3.8)
    5555        you should also read <xref linkend="appendix.update_warnings" />.
    5656      </para>
    58       <bridgehead>Incompatible API change Application API</bridgehead>
     58      <bridgehead>Changed permissions for annotating items</bridgehead>
    5959      <para>
    60         The <classname docapi="net.sf.basedb.core">Application.getSessionControl()</classname>
    61         method for getting access to an existing session has been deprecated. A new
    62         version has been implemented that require that an <emphasis>external client id</emphasis>
    63         is specified. Extensions and other client application may stop working unless
    64         they are updated. See alos <xref linkend="appendix.incompatible.session-control"/>.
     60        Before BASE 3.10 a user was able to create/change/delete annotations on
     61        an item if the user has <code>WRITE</code> permission on the item and
     62        <code>READ</code> permission on the  annotation type.
     63        In BASE 3.10 several changes has been made:
    6564      </para>
     66      <itemizedlist>
     67        <listitem>
     68          <para>
     69            <code>USE</code> permission is required on the annotation type to be able
     70            to create/change/delete annotations of that type. This may cause user to no
     71            longer be able to annotate certain items, unless their permissions
     72            are upgraded to <code>USE</code>. Users with <code>READ</code> permission
     73            can only read the annotation values.
     74          </para>
     75        </listitem>
     77        <listitem>
     78          <para>
     79            A new permission level, <code>ANNOTATE</code>, has been introduced.
     80            In the permission hierarchy this sits between the <code>READ</code>
     81            and <code>WRITE</code> permission and can be used to give users
     82            permissions to manage annotations but not other properties of an item.
     83            All users with <code>WRITE</code> permission automatically get
     84            <code>ANNOTATE</code> permission so this change should not affect current
     85            users.
     86          </para>
     87        </listitem>
     88      </itemizedlist>
    6689    </important>
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