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References #2131: Add support for installing multiple authentication managers

Added note to the update information about the changes.

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  • trunk/doc/src/docbook/admin/installation.xml

    r7521 r7545  
    6262        file. The <constant>db.driver</constant> setting can be removed.
    6363      </para>
     65      <bridgehead>The (very) old Authenticator API has been removed</bridgehead>
     66      <para>
     67        The <code>net.sf.basedb.core.authentication.Authenticator</code>
     68        interface and other related code that was deprecated in BASE 3.3
     69        has been removed. Systems that still use old authentication code
     70        need to replace this with a newer version before updating.
     71      </para>
     73      <bridgehead>Changes to the authentication system</bridgehead>
     74      <para>
     75        The authentication system has been updated to make it easier to
     76        install more than one external authentication manager. The changes
     77        are backwards compatible and existing authentication managers should
     78        still work as before as long as they are the only ones installed.
     79        However, the existing authentication managers will probably not work
     80        well if more than one is installed since they lack some features that
     81        are neccessary in order to cooperate with other managers. Before installing
     82        more than one authentication manager it is recommended that they are
     83        updated to newer versions.
     84      </para>
     86      <para>
     87        Newer authentication managers typically no longer provide support for
     88        password authentication. If the intention is that some users still should be
     89        able to login with username+password, it is recommended that the
     90        <guilabel>Password login form</guilabel> is enabled. Go to
     91        <menuchoice>
     92          <guimenu>Administrate</guimenu>
     93          <guisubmenu>Plug-ins &amp; extensions</guisubmenu>
     94          <guimenuitem>Overview</guimenuitem>
     95        </menuchoice> and locate the <guilabel>Login form customization</guilabel>
     96        extension point to find it.
     97      </para>
    6499    </important>
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