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References #2135: Remove support for secondary storage

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    440440  </simplesect>
    442   <simplesect id="appendix.base.config.secondary">
    443     <title>Secondary storage controller</title>
    445     <note>
    446       This feature has been deprecated in BASE 3.14 and will be removed in a
    447       future release. The recommendation is to replace this with an
    448       external files solution instead.
    449     </note>
    451     <para>
    452       This section contains settings for the secondary storage controller. See
    453       <xref linkend="plugin_developer.other.secondary"/> for more
    454       information about secondary storage.
    455     </para>
    457     <variablelist>
    458     <varlistentry>
    459       <term><property>secondary.storage.driver</property></term>
    460       <listitem>
    461         <para>
    462         The class name of the plug-in that acts as the secondary storage controller.
    463         BASE ships with a simple plug-in that just moves files to another directory,
    464         but it is not enabled by default. The class name of that plug-in is
    465         <classname docapi="net.sf.basedb.core">net.sf.basedb.core.InternalStorageController</classname>.
    466         If no class is specified the secondary storage feature is disabled.
    467           </para>
    468       </listitem>
    469     </varlistentry>
    471     <varlistentry>
    472       <term><property>secondary.storage.init</property></term>
    473       <listitem>
    474         <para>
    475         Initialisation parameters sent to the plug-in when calling the
    476         <methodname>init()</methodname> method. The syntax and meaning of this
    477         string depends on the plug-in. For the internal controller this is simply
    478         the path to the secondary directory.
    479           </para>
    480       </listitem>
    481     </varlistentry>
    483     <varlistentry>
    484       <term><property>secondary.storage.interval</property></term>
    485       <listitem>
    486         <para>
    487         Interval in seconds between each execution of the secondary storage
    488         controller plug-in. If this property is not specified, <property>secondary.storage.time</property>
    489         should be set, or the secondary storage feature will be disabled.
    490           </para>
    491       </listitem>
    492     </varlistentry>
    494     <varlistentry>
    495       <term><property>secondary.storage.time</property></term>
    496       <listitem>
    497         <para>
    498         Time-point values specifying the time(s) of day that the secondary storage controller
    499         should be executed. If present, this setting overrides the
    500         <property>secondary.storage.interval</property> setting.
    501         Time-point values are given as comma-separated list of two-digit, 24-based hour
    502         and two-digit minute values. For example: <userinput>03:10,09:00,23:59</userinput>.
    503           </para>
    504       </listitem>
    505     </varlistentry>
    506     </variablelist>
    508   </simplesect>
    510443  <simplesect id="appendix.base.config.log">
    704637        <para>
    705638        The path to the directory where uploaded and generated files should
    706         be stored. This is the primary file storage. See <xref linkend="appendix.base.config.secondary" />
    707         for information about how to configure the secondary storage. Files are not
     639        be stored. This is the primary file storage. Files are not
    708640        stored in the same directory structure or with the same names as in
    709641        the BASE file system. The internal structure may contain sub-directories.
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