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  • trunk/doc/src/docbook/user/annotations.xml

    r7341 r7620  
    197197              A value that can be used as the default when
    198198              adding values.
     199            </para>
     200          </listitem>
     201        </varlistentry>
     202        <varlistentry>
     203          <term><guilabel>Is identifier</guilabel></term>
     204          <listitem>
     205            <para>
     206              If this flag is set, the annotation values can be used as identifiers
     207              for a particualar item. For example, the batch item importers can use
     208              the annotation type for finding items. Note that BASE doesn't require or
     209              implement checks that values are unique.
    199210            </para>
    200211          </listitem>
    10211032        is configurable.
    10221033        The first row should contain the column headers. One column should contain
    1023         the name or the external ID of the item. The rest of the columns can each be
     1034        a value that can be used to identify items. Typically, the name or the external ID
     1035        is used, but it is also possible to use the internal ID or an annotation type that
     1036        has been flagged as an <property>identifier</property>. The rest of the columns can each be
    10241037        mapped to an annotation type and contains the annotation values. If a column
    10251038        header exactly match the name of an annotation type, the plug-in will automatically
  • trunk/doc/src/docbook/user/import_data.xml

    r5899 r7620  
    648648              </para>
    649649            </listitem>
     650            <listitem>
     651              <para>
     652                An <property>annotation type</property> that has been flagged
     653                as <property>identifier</property>. See <xref linkend="annotations.types" />.
     654              </para>
     655            </listitem>
    650656          </itemizedlist>
    651657          It is important that the identifier selected
    720726                  security and diagnostics for the user during import.
    721727                </para>
     729                <note>
     730                  <title>Running from an item list</title>
     731                  <para>
     732                    If the importer is started from the <guilabel>Members</guilabel> tab
     733                    of an item list the <property>create</property> mode is not available
     734                    and the the <property>update</property> mode will only update items that
     735                    are members of the list. In addition, there are two other modes:
     736                    <property>add-members</property> and <property>remove-members</property>
     737                    that can be used to add or remove members from the item list.
     738                  </para>
     739                </note>
    722741              </listitem>
    723742            </varlistentry>
    745764                  set to a set of item properties listed in the
    746765                  plug-in parameter dialog. The property selected by
    747                   the user must be mapped to a column in the file. If
    748                   it is not set there is obviously no way for the
    749                   plug-in to identify if an item already exists.
     766                  the user must be mapped to a column in the file.
     767                  For example, if <property>Name</property> selected
     768                  as identification method, a column mapping must be
     769                  set for <guilabel>Name</guilabel>. If an annotation
     770                  type method is selected (they are prefixed with <guilabel>[A]</guilabel>)
     771                  a column mapping must be set for the <guilabel>Annotation ID</guilabel>
     772                  parameter.
    750773                </para>
    751774              </listitem>
    778801                  views and the actual set of parameters depends in
    779802                  user credentials.
    780                 </para>
    781                 <para>
    782                   When <property>id</property> is used as
    783                   the <guilabel>Identification method</guilabel>, the
    784                   plug-in looks for the item irrespective the setting
    785                   of these parameters. Of course, the user still must
    786                   have proper access to the item referenced.
    787803                </para>
    788804              </listitem>
  • trunk/doc/src/docbook/user/itemlists.xml

    r6929 r7620  
    251251    </para>
     253    <tip>
     254      <title>Use batch importers to add and remove members</title>
     255      <para>
     256      The batch importer plug-ins have support for adding and removing members.
     257      Simply start the importer from the <guibutton>Import&hellip;</guibutton> button
     258      and select <property>add-members</property> or <property>remove-members</property>
     259      for the <guilabel>Mode</guilabel> parameter. The importers can also be used for
     260      updating member items.
     261      </para>
     262    </tip>
    253264    <seeother>
    254265      <other external_id="">Item lists overview</other>
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