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References #2139: Switch to Java 11 (or later)

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    4848    <important id="installation.upgrade.important">
    49       <title>Important information for upgrading to BASE 3.15</title>
     49      <title>Important information for upgrading to BASE 3.16</title>
    5050      <para>
    5151        This section list some important information that may or may not
    5252        apply when upgrading from the <emphasis>previous</emphasis> BASE
    53         release to the current release (eg. 3.14 to 3.15). If you are
    54         upgrading from a BASE installation that is older (3.0-3.13)
     53        release to the current release (eg. 3.15 to 3.16). If you are
     54        upgrading from a BASE installation that is older (3.0-3.14)
    5555        you should also read <xref linkend="appendix.update_warnings" />.
    5656      </para>
    58       <bridgehead>Consider upgrading to Java 11 (OpenJDK)</bridgehead>
     58      <bridgehead>Java 11 or later is now required (OpenJDK)</bridgehead>
    5959      <para>
    60         The next BASE release, BASE 3.16, will only support Java 11 or later. BASE 3.15 is
    61         the last BASE version that supports Java 8. Our recommendation is to upgrade to
    62         Java 11 as soon as possible. Note that Oracle no longer provide a free JDK or JRE.
     60        Starting with this release, Java 11 is required for running BASE.
     61        BASE 3.15 was the last BASE version with support for Java 8.
     62        Note that Oracle no longer provide a free JDK or JRE.
    6363        Instead, OpenJDK has to be used, which can be downloaded from
    6464        <ulink url="https://openjdk.java.net/" />
    6565      </para>
    67       <para>
    68         If you experience any problems with BASE 3.15 and Java 8
    69         you could try removing the listed files from the <filename>www/WEB-INF/lib</filename>
    70         directory and then restart Tomcat. The listed JAR files contains functionality that
    71         is included in core Java 8 but has been removed from Java 11.
    72       </para>
    74       <itemizedlist>
    75         <listitem><filename>java.activation-api-1.2.0.jar</filename></listitem>
    76         <listitem><filename>jaxb-api-2.3.1.jar</filename></listitem>
    77         <listitem><filename>jaxb-core-</filename></listitem>
    78         <listitem><filename>jaxb-impl-2.3.1.jar</filename></listitem>
    79       </itemizedlist>
    81       <bridgehead>Consider upgrading to Tomcat 9 and PostgreSQL 11</bridgehead>
    82       <para>
    83         We have started to test BASE with Tomcat 9 and PostgreSQL 11 and we have
    84         not found any problems  so far. For new installations we recommend that Tomcat 9
    85         and PostgreSQL 11 is used. Official support for Tomcat 8 and PostgreSQL 9 will be
    86         dropped in a future BASE version. For existing installations our recommendation
    87         is to start planning for an upgrade to Tomcat 9 and PostgreSQL 11.
    88       </para>
    90       <bridgehead>Secondary storage support has been removed</bridgehead>
    91       <para>
    92         The <guilabel>Secondary storage</guilabel> feature has been removed.
    93         Files that are located in the secondary storage will be marked as offline
    94         by the upgrade script. The recommendation is to replace this feature with
    95         an external files solution instead.
    96       </para>
    98       <bridgehead>Spot images support has been removed</bridgehead>
    99       <para>
    100         It is no longer possible to create new spot images or view existing
    101         spot images via the BASE web client. Existing source image files and
    102         zip archives with generated spot images have not been removed.
    103       </para>
    105       <bridgehead>Customizations made in Tomcat's global web.xml file</bridgehead>
    106       <para>
    107         In the configuration directory for Tomcat there is a <filename>web.xml</filename>
    108         file that define global options for all web applications. The settings in this file
    109         can be overridden per web application in the <filename>WEB-INF/classes/web.xml</filename>.
    110         BASE 3.15 re-defines the <code>jsp</code> <sgmltag class="starttag">servlet</sgmltag>
    111         definition to make sure that JSP files are compiled with proper settings. Changes that
    112         have been made to the global <filename>web.xml</filename> file for the <code>jsp</code>
    113         <sgmltag class="starttag">servlet</sgmltag> must be moved or copied to the
    114         <filename>web.xml</filename> file for the BASE web application.
    115       </para>
    11767    </important>
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