BASE 2.0 - Administrator documentation: reference

This document describes how to use the command line interface for controlling the job agent.

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The general syntax is:

./ [options] command

All options are optional, but a command must be specified.


Option Default value Description
-c Which configuration file to use for the job agent. For example:
./ -c other.config start


Command Description
register Register the job agent with the BASE server. If the job agent already exists this command does nothing.
unregister Unregister/delete the job agent from the BASE server. If the job agent doesn't exist this command does nothing.
start Start the job agent. It will now check the datbase for jobs that are waiting to be executed.
pause Pause the job agent. The job agent will continue running but doesn't check the database for jobs. To start it again use the start command.
stop Stop the job agent. To start it again use the start command.
info Get information about the job agent.
help Display usage information.