Milestone BASE 3.0

Completed 11 years ago (Nov 2, 2011, 10:49:30 AM)


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New major BASE version that will target support for sequencing experiments. The links from raw bioassay up to biomaterial will be redesigned and hybridizations+scans will be replaced with something new. Labeled extracts will be merged with extracts. Main ticket is #1153. Upgrading will be possible from BASE 2.17 only.

Binary API compatibility will be broken in some places. Our aim is to keep as much as possible intact but changes are expected in the biomaterial/hybridization/scan/raw bioassay related classes. Deprecated methods and classes will be removed (#1589). Existing plug-ins, extensions and other code that are affected need to be fixed.

A new item-subtype feature can be used to sub-classify the generic items (samples, extracts, protocols, etc.) into more specific items (#1597).

An updated extensions/plug-in system which should make it easier to install packages which includes both several plug-ins and extensions (#1592). Extension points that are in the core which can be used in all clients (eg. web client, job agent, etc.) #1593. Existing packages most likely need to be re-packaged since some metadata files have changed.

A beta version was released on 10/12/11. The major changes are in place and all new functionality is implemented, but everything may not working as expected. User and administrator documentation should be up to date, but developer documentation is not 100% yet. Use the beta version for testing only.

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