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#546 Write "Experiments and analysis" section. task major trunk
#1210 Document the behaviour of underscore character '_' when filtering everyone task major 2.8.4
#1222 Document the nice batch import of raw data through experiment import button everyone task major 2.9.1
#1249 Error message explanation subsection in FAQ part of the manual everyone enhancement major trunk
#1428 Write "Formulas" section everyone task major
#1429 Document BASEfile exporter plug-in everyone enhancement major
#1431 Describe extra values. What are they? How are they created? everyone task major
#600 Write "Appendix: Other configuration files" everyone task minor
#617 Write plate management in array LIMS task minor trunk
#1458 Document the BASEfile format everyone task minor
#552 Write "API overview" section everyone task trivial trunk
#554 Write "Core developer reference." everyone task trivial trunk
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